Thursday, September 1, 2011

First day of first grade

 My little girl is a first grader!!!  It seems like just last week I was walking her to kindergarten, now I'm sending her on the school bus to be gone pretty much all day :(  It's a long day for her (8am-4pm) but she's doing great and loves it.
 I don't know where this pose came from but she thought it was cool and after three times of trying to get the picture it was just funny to me...already trying to be a cool little first grader.  Vaughn wants to be just like his big sister and has to do every thing like her.  After the first week of school, he still tells me every morning as Rylee gets on the bus "School bus!  Go in!  Go on there!"  Sorry Vaughn, not yet bud. 
 The socks were meant to be for a cold day but Rylee thinks otherwise.
 Vaughn thinks he's pretty funny...or me saying "say cheese" is.
After a long first day of school and coming off the bus in tears because she fell down at recess, scraped her knee and had to go to the nurse's office...this is how we end our Papa's shop to watch tv in the movie theater room!  (This can make ANYTHING better for these kids).

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