Tuesday, August 23, 2011

 Here's Vaughn the first week Eloise was born...he couldn't get enough or her!  He wanted to hold her whenever he saw her and kiss her over and over again.  Now that the novelty of having a baby sister has worn off, he's bit her foot, smacked her face, whacked her face with a ruler several times and pushed the car seat off the counter (luckily she wasn't in it!)  Welcome to the family Eloise
 something's not right here, Rylee's on the ipad & Vaughn's playing with the itouch

 Rylee's first ballet recital
 Eloise's baby blessing
 Vaughn & Vaughn :)
 waiting for dad to finish surfing
Rylee got to ride a pony at Irvine Park.  Vaughn was too big of a scaredy cat, he just wanted to hold the lead line of Rylee's pony to take her for a walk.  I guess I should have gotten a picture of that, I'm a little slow
 Family picture (too bad Eloise was sleeping in the stroller)
she fell asleep while we were watching tv

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