Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas in Fallbrook

Christmas was great but kind of a blur...the stomach flu hit ALL of us except Eloise on Christmas night and lasted about two days.  We had an AMAZING dinner and then a few hours later, Rylee starts throwing up, Clint barely made it home (actually he didn't, I had to pull over off the freeway for him to yack.  Then I got the kids to bed and within 30 minutes of me climbing in bed, Rylee walks Vaughn into our room (being the sweet sister that she is considering she's already sick) with throw up covering his face and hair.  I guess he doesn't know you have to sit up if you feel like your going to barf:(  So I get both of them in the bath tub at 11pm, Clint is hurling in the sink and I was running around with barf bowls trying to make sure none landed on the floor from the kids...I felt like a chicken running around with its head cut off.  I stayed up with the kids til 3am all to wake up with what everyone had by 7am!  Oh the joys of motherhood!!! 

 Smiley-Rylee opening her presents
 and of course some mate :)

Christmas eve the kids did a little nativity scene for us and sang songs in between Grandpa Kim reading from the Bible.  It was really sweet hearing Rylee sing a solo for us of "Picture a Christmas" and Vaughn pretending to know the words to the songs.
 We had tons of fun doing Just Dance!
 Colette & Wil
Rylee & Vaughn were pros!

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