Wednesday, May 4, 2011

5 months worth of pictures...shots of kids, some family time, Hawaii, Easter, & Rylee's spring picture

 We needed some pictures taken of the kids to blow up on canvas for our living room, so when Clint's cousin Stacy was in town I asked her to take the pictures for me :)  thanks for your amazing talent Stacy!
 I should start a collection of Vaughn's dirty looks & scowls
 he really is a happy boy though

 Vaughn likes to sit right next to Clint on the couch when he knows it's bedtime.  He'll say "Seat-Daddy!"  over & over until he gets his way, I guess it's his way of prolonging bedtime, or he really misses his dad all day.
 Rylee being a good big sister & another one of Vaughn's faces...
... & another
 I asked Clint to keep an eye on the kids so I could make dinner and this is what I get!
 cute smiling faces on the roof outside the kitchen window :)
 Rylee didn't wanna miss out on the fun so she got up there too.
 Vaughn's little photo shoot before church
 Clint got to go paddle boarding with his dad & brother

 Clint completely buried the kids at the beach, Rylee loved it!
 Vaughn did at first but that quickly changed.

 Vaughn REALLY wanted to pull Rylee's backpack through the airport...poor kid doesn't know it's a princess backpack.

 we had a little Easter egg hunt the day before Easter with Nautica & Cadia
 Rylee was very proud when she found one.  I wish I got a picture of her giving some to Vaughn, she's an awesome sharer!
 Vaughn was a little slow because when he found an egg, he decided to unwrap it and eat it right there!

 Cadia (my brother Darren & Jordan's little girl)
 & Nautica
 another stop to open his chocolate
 My brother Darren & his wife Jordan
 I finally found a cute hat that fits Vaughn's head, but he didn't feel like smiling.  (his car seat cover is being washed)
This bookshelf & dresser was mine and my sister Jessica's when we were growing up but it had an oak stain on it.  It's been left out in the barn at my parent's house in Olivenhain for about 6 or 7 years so the finish was all faded from the sun.  I wanted to put it to good use so I had an idea (for Clint) to sand it & paint it white to look shabby-chic.  It turned out great and is now being shared by Rylee and Vaughn!
 We had to make a room for Eloise so Rylee and Vaughn are sharing a room early.  Clint raised Rylee's bed to turn into a bunk bed but I'm not ready just yet to let Vaughn outta the crib so he just sleeps underneath.  Rylee is VERY excited about her bunk bed & tells EVERYONE that her ladder is 64 inches :)
 I'm very happy with Rylee's spring pictures because the one's they did at the beginning of the school year were kinda funky,  she smiled so pretty for this one!

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