Tuesday, January 11, 2011


is what I am when it comes to blogging I've decided!  This is a picture of Vaughn's first haircut which happend right after Rylee's 5th birthday (oct. 18th, 2010)

My brother Darren's 39th birthday dinner

Rylee at our ward Christmas party with Santa

Poor Vaughn being truamatized

Rylee & Vaughn at the Wild Animal Park

Vaughn was extremely happy about the cookies left in his stocking by Santa :)

A happy girl on her new beach cruiser that she was totally not expecting

At Christmas time we rode the coaster down to Old Town in San Diego with Clint's parents and the Conforto's & this was Vaughn's expression when the train started moving...it was priceless!

Rylee REALLY wanted the movie Shark Boy & Lava Girl thanks to her cousin Hayden for Christmas, the one I found was 3D and came with these glasses.  Rylee watches this movie ALMOST every day & her brother has caught on pretty quick..he wants to do just what she does...our kids are so cool! :)

After being gone for two weeks at Thanksgiving, here is the end result of our kitchen!  My husband is amazing & works so hard to make our home beautiful...or is desperate for his wife to cook :/

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Bowthorpe Family said...

okat that kitchen rocks way to go clinto!!!! brooke if you need some help with cooking i have some great recipes that can be made fast and easy