Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A lot to blog about....

San Diego Zoo...
In the middle of September, Clint had some vacation time & the zoo was how we chose to spend one of the days.  When Clint asked Rylee, "You wanna go to the zoo today?"  she replied "YEAH!!  Wait, are you just kidding dad?"  It was really cute.  This is a Rylee and Vaughn sitting on one of those foot massage machines, he was pretty stoked to be outta the stroller.
 We got a family picture in front of the elephants.  Some nice old man volunteered to take our picture which was nice because I hate asking strangers if they would mind taking our picture, it's always so awkward for me
 I think Vaughn had his tongue out pretty much all day!

 We went on the sky ride which was really cool but I didn't know I was afraid of heights until this thing started going up in the of the most uneasy feelings I have ever felt.  Sweet little Rylee just told me "you just gotta stay calm mom!"
 This was great, typical Rylee!  You can't tell but I'm like 30 or 40 feet away from her.  She just plops down right next to this man, (not a seat away from him but RIGHT next to him, a total stranger) and starts reading her map.  She's a goof!

 Rylee's got her own picture of this panda on our fridge because she's pretty much in love with pandas right now.
 Once again, perfect way to end our day!!  We brought the kids home & Papa came to babysit so we could go see a Mason Jennings show.  It was awesome!  It was at this women's center in San Diego, with not too big of a crowd which was rad because then we got to meet him after the show.  Clint got me a shirt & Mason signed it!
 Vaughn's New High Chair...
How I went so long without one is beyond me!  But this kid loves his chair.  This is just one of my favorite faces that Vaughn makes.
 I think he thinks this is a trick or something.  Since Vaughn was pretty little he'd always stick something in his mouth, tilt his head just a little & then let go, (like 'look at me!  no hands!').  Now he does it with food :)
 Rylee the photographer takes pretty good pictures!
 Who knows what happened to Rylee's pants?!  She probably took them off because she was too hot.  That happens often with her.
 Seaport Village...
Last Sunday it was a really nice day, too hot to stay home.  So after church, Clint made sandwiches for the car & we headed down to Seaport Village in San Diego.  Rylee had tons of fun, there was a band playing and right when we walked up they were letting the kids play instruments while the band played.
 That's the Coronado bridge behind us, it was SO nice & hot out!  This must have been the first day of our heat wave this week.
 Rylee took our picture for us :)  She was pretty bothered with Clint & his faces.

 Right before the riding the merry-go-round, Clint bought Rylee a little butterfly necklace from this Mexican stand on the side of the rode.  She loved it!!!  & broke it before we got home :(
 All smiles!!  Well, Vaughn looks a little worried in this one but he enjoyed himself.  Rylee waved at Clint EVERY time we went around :)
 MY favorite part of the day!  My Vera Bradley bag that my thoughtful husband surprised me with, I was looking at it in one of the shops.  Then went to take Rylee & Vaughn in a toy shop while Clint said he had to go to the bathroom.  Little did I know..he bought this bag & took it out to the car.  I was so surprised when I got in & saw it sticking out under my purse.  =) 
Clint's the best!!!

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