Tuesday, December 31, 2013

GoodBye Blackhams 2013

The day before Christmas my AMAZING friend made this slide show for me!  What a great present because now that we have moved to San Luis Obispo for Clint's new job, I have been watching this almost every day since we got here.  It's kinda bitter-sweet...we are finally back in our own place but I miss the wonderful friends my family and I were blessed with!!!  I miss having lunch with my dad or having him meet me while I run my errands to sit in the car so I don't have to attempt taking all four kids in somewhere (I was spoiled), I miss having family so close but most of all I miss hanging out with Clint all day.  Now I'm REALLY a mom of four ;)  So here's to the new chapter in our lives and a happy new year!

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