Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I'm good at taking pictures...just not good at posting them:)

 Cal's baby blessing.  I'm not very good at describing things but this day was great!  Kim (Clint's dad) played primary songs on the piano before we started.  There's something about the song Families Can Be Together Forever!  But there's something even better when little kids are singing it.  I always feel so overwhelmed hearing that song.  I can't help but think of how incredibly blessed I am with my husband and these children!  I love my family, they are everything to me.  So to be here experiencing this life with them feeling so lucky is an understatement.  I love being a mother and I'm so thankful to my husband for making it possible for me to be with them every day, even if I do have to go for a run or a drive at the end of the day:)
 I have a Smurf!!!  How do you get mad at a kid for coloring ALL over themselves when they're this happy and proud of what they did?!
 my crew every week after violin...good bye Taco Tuesdays! :(  We usually pick up my dad for Rubio's after Rylee has violin but we've changed our violin day because Rylee wants to join the band at school, playing strings of course
 our morning at Fiesta Island dog park

 everyone still likes Cal so I guess he's a keeper ;)

 Labor Day/Play Day  
We went for a family walk around the reservoir in Rancho Santa Fe.  I thought it was only 3 miles but these kids were troopers on the 4 mile walk...I have really great kids.

 and one awesome husband!

 this girl is something else, I can't get enough of her personality

 silly faces after our weekend sleepover in Fallbrook for swimming & air conditioning to get us through this heat wave

 Today I drove Clint to the airport for an interview in Kansas.  He'll only be gone a day and two nights but I'm dreading it.  I guess I have a problem with being alone, good thing these people will keep me busy...so, it's just them against me tomorrow:/  wish me luck haha.

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