Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rylee went to Montana with Papa for a week in March & I guess this is what her days consisted of...thanks dad for letting her dress you up in ribbons & thank you mom for sharing your collection with her. This new love for ribbons she has is driving me nuts but I can't stop her because it makes her so happy! Vaughn is a very curious little boy, & very grabby! He was looking at Clint so intensely this one morning before church.
Easter in Corona was sooo much fun! Rylee was pretty much nowhere to be found during the day except when it was time to hunt for eggs, she was way too busy running around with cousins.
Rylee, Vaughn, & I met Jade at the mall last weekend & this was the best picture I got of her...
smothering Auntie Jade!
This kid! His face makes me so happy! Both our kids are so awesome & make me so happy!
Need I say more?!

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The Leeds Family said...

Such cute pictures Brooke! :)I agree...your kids are awesome! Can't wait to see you guys in a week!!!