Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas time in Montana

Rylee and Hayden couldn't resist checking out the presents we put under the tree

Here's Rylee making what she thought was patties..but was really pasty's
Vaughn's getting better at sitting up by himself before he tips over

sisterly-love, we miss you Jamie =(
Clint's snowman he built with Rylee and Hayden which left Rylee in tears because she didn't want the snowman to be a boy, she wanted it to be a girl with a tiara

riding around with Papa. Rylee can't see and Hayden doesn't look like he's in too safe of a spot

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The Leeds Family said...

LOL...your comments to your pictures crack me up!!! ;) You are too dang funny. LOVE the one about Rylee crying about the snowman. That is so Addie. Thanks for missing me too. I really wish we all could have been together for Christmas. Cute pictures though. You have such a beautiful family. Love and miss you.