Friday, October 16, 2009


Where's Rylee =)

Rylee's missing from this picture because she's the one taking the picture.

Vaughn balancing on a huge pumpkin!

Today we all went to Bate's Nut Farm to see the pumpkins & man was it hot! Colette went with her class & invited us to meet her there. We had fun going through the maze, feeding the animals, & Rylee got to pick out her first pumpkin. Poor Vaughn just got balanced on a pumpkin.


Jade said...

i love Rylee's hand in the bag of snacks in the picture with Colette!

The Artist's Daughter said...

What a cute bunch of punkins! Both of them :). Loved the pic of Grandma Coco with the punks. Love you guys, Aunt Linda