Wednesday, March 11, 2009

San Fran & Big Sur

Clint was working in the yard and Rylee wanted to help so the two of them planted a tree together..she's in the hole that the tree is going to be put in.While the two of them were outside, I was putting a new bookshelf together in the house. Rylee took a bath and then this is what happened when she got out-she wanted to play in the packaging that the bookshelf came in...she thought it was a beautiful skirt!
This is a picture of a place on the side of the road on our drive up to Big Sur. We left at 4 am and I guess I just couldn't keep my eyes open for a picture. The drive up was so amazingly beautiful!

This is Clint just about an hour or two after he put our breakfast burritos under the hood of the car to heat them up while we drove..thanks Clint, you make the best breakfast ever!
This is our campsite at Big Sur where we hiked in about 1/4 of a mile to started raining in the middle of the night and our tent leaked, it was pretty cold and pretty worth it =)
On the Golden Gate Bridge
At Fisherman's Warf..Clint's second time there that day because I was sick all day in the hotel-Happy Valentine's Day!
Ghiradelli Square


The Artist's Daughter said...

You lucky ducks! I love Big Sur and San Francisco! What a great trip. I'll have to remember to use my car engine as an oven, a neat idea! I've really enjoyed your blog and seeing your beautiful family. Congrats on the BOY :). Love you, Aunt Linda

J & K Davis said...

I think Rylee's skirt is beautiful too! :)