Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas 2008

Rylee giving a thumbs up to her big sister t-shirt...her baby brother is due in July
Clint and I went to Temple Square to see all the Christmas lights

Snowboarding at Brianhead
our matching pj's
Rylee hung out in the lodge with Jade and was a little excited to see daddy back from snowboarding
A quick family picture before Clint and I hit the slopesRylee all bundled up and ready to play in the snowChristmas party in Corona


by michelle shirley said...

Hey Blackhams! Welcome to the blogger world! Myspace is so overated! Anyhoo, you guys are such a beautiful family. We hope to make it out to good ol O'side sometime this Summer. I'm going to add you to our blog...Love, Shelle

Stacy Erickson Photography said...

are you sure your with child? You skinny %$#@&! JK...You look mawvelous!

Nathan and Jessica said...

You are hot stuff brooke! how you feeling these days? i bet you're getting excited!

The Artist's Daughter said...

Love your blog and LOVE seeing pictures of your beautiful family. You are blessed! Love, Aunt Linda