Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Recap of the Last 9 Months

Since I'm not very good at keeping our blog updated, here's another picture overload (probably not in order)  because I'll probably lag once baby Blackham #4 arrives:)
 Vaughn giving my big belly some kisses & waiting for "it" to kick him
 My Loves!!
 Carlsbad lagoon with Papa

 a walk to the Meeting Hall

 Cub Scout Dinner

 our sun-bathing beach babe

 ...because I like In 'N' Out
 Easter egg hunt in Fallbrook

 We started Rylee's spring break at the Carlsbad Flower Fields

 Then Botanical Gardens
 Vaughn learned how cool it is to pee outside
 Eloise trying on the new baby clothes from the baby shower:)
 I finally made my first loaf of bread for Clint's birthday
 a Sea World trip...on Clint's birthday, without Clint because he had to work.
 waiting for birthday brownies
and Vaughn got a haircut

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