Friday, August 27, 2010

Rylee's First Day of School

I think I was more nervous than Rylee was for the first day of kindergarten.  The morning started at 7am with Rylee at the foot of our bed saying "Come on Mom!  I gotta get my school clothes on & you have to pack my backpack (with snacks).  School doesn't start for her until 12:15pm, she was very excited!  Almost every hour she was telling me it was time to go.  I explained to her that after Vaughn's nap and after she ate lunch it would be time to go.  So she waited patiently after lunch for Vaughn to wake up by playing games on the computer..very content.  As for me, I had Clint teasing me saying "Look, you're all dressed and ready to go, (2 hours early) you're more nervous than she is and you're not even the one going" :)  He was so right!
 When we finally got to school, she skipped from the car all the way to her classroom door.
 Here's the second day of school outfit...
 She skipped again today, I wonder how long that's gonna last :)

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