Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beach Day!!

Vaughn is such a little poser! I'd call his name and he would happily turn to me and smile, it was so cute. The minute I put him on the towel he grabbed a handful of sand and didn't stop until it was time to go. He was loving it & to my surprise...he didn't try to eat the sand! Yes!! Now Rylee on the other hand does NOT like having her picture taken right now. I got this picture of her after screaming her name a bunch of times & when that didn't work, I threatened to take something away when we got home...sadly this attempt works every time. Within seconds of arriving at the beach, Rylee walks up to this little girl (because she was the closest to us who looked about her size) & just says "hi." They were instant buddies for our remaining time at the beach. As for this little girl, she was more than happy to say "cheese" to me the first time I called Rylee's name : )

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